St Tropez

St Tropez is traditionally a small fishing village before it becomes a center for fun and beach activities. The best beaches are located away from the town center. So, I still travelled for 5-10kms south to reach the Baie de Pampelonne where most of the beautiful St Tropez beaches can be found.

At St Tropez, Tahiti Beach is the most famous. It is the favourite beach of the movie stars and the place where Brigitte Bardot came to film “And God Created Woman”. Well, if you bother to wear a bikini be sure it is the most daring one (like the one I wear) because this St Tropez beach is known for topless and bottomless beach actions.

Moving south from Tahiti Beach, you will find another beach resort called the Moorea Beach where most of the glitter crowd exposes themselves. Many bronze bodies on a brightly stripped white and red cushions lie on the sand. But what I really enjoyed most is riding in the yachts and speed boats.

Near the Moorea Beach is the La Voile Rouge (The Red Sail) known for its beautiful naked women and hunky oiled-up men dancing on the tables.

At the southern end of St Tropez Pampelonne, you will be captured with the amazing restaurant, the Le Club 55. It is one of the most distinguished St Tropez beaches where people lunch along the palm trees rather than swim. You must try eating your lunch here. The foods are really delicious and mouth-watering. Most of the rich and famous individuals come by yachts and exotic cars to enjoy this relaxing meal.

Just like other impressive beaches that I have visited in the United States, St Tropez beaches have great beach clubs, too. One of these is the Tiki Club that offers various type of accommodation. A one day stay here is really memorable. You can choose from the most affordable beach beds with umbrella, the Kon Tiki right behind it or with the Indonesian beach hut on the waterfront. From 3:00-7:00pm a DJ on the beach will entertain you while the happy hour will start as early as 4:30pm.

The last stop along Pampelonne is the L’Aqau Club, the only St Tropez beach restaurant open for the whole year. It is the liveliest spot on Pampelonne and the favourite beach and restaurant for most gays. There are many beach happenings here such as fashion shows.

There are also other beaches closer to St Tropez town. Among them are Plage des Graniers, Plage des Cannebiers, Bouillabaisse Beach and Plage Port Grimaud.

There are many things you can do at St Tropez besides going to the Pampelonne beaches. By simply walking along the coast you will admire its impressive yachts or taking a soft walk up the hill to the bay overlooking Citadelle. You can also try watching the most popular spot, the Senequier.

Thanks for reading my top ten beaches in the world blog and whether you are looking for planning your holiday of a lifetime or just looking for a short break you have found the place to be.

To your beach heaven

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