Great Barrier Reef

Last summer, my family decided to travel in one of the best beaches in the world for some sort of relaxation. After searching on the web and soliciting information from my friends, I found out that Great Barrier Reef is the perfect place to visit. So, I immediately booked our schedule and bought our plane ticket.

My long wait was over when we reached the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. It was really amazing. After my hectic schedule I could sit back and relax on this heavenly place. There are wide selections of accommodations at the Great Barrier Reef. I was given a wide choice of accommodation ranging from elegantly sophisticated resorts through to family oriented island getaways which is suited on my budget. These hotels are near the beach to easily experience the natural treasure.

There are many facts on the Great Barrier Reef which I believe are the reasons why it is one of the best beaches in the world. First, it is the world’s largest reef system. I could attest to it since I saw with my own eyes its 3000km marine park almost parallel to Queensland coast and the reef between 15km and 150km off shore. Second, it is composed of over 2,900 individual reefs. Among these are the Northern, Southern and Central Great Barrier Reef. Third, about 30 species of whales, dolphins and porpoises have been recorded on this reef; around 215 species of birds including 22 species of seabirds and 32 species of shorebirds visit the reef or nest or roost on the islands and more than 1,500 fish species live on the reef.

However, there were many threats to the Great Barrier Reef. There were many species of marine life than can be potentially fatal to humans. Of course, everyone of us is aware of the danger brought by stingray. Even I is really afraid of the barbs located at the tail of the stingray as it whip up when trodden on and can inflict serious lacerations and deep wounds. I also get rid of box jelly fish which is one of the most dangerous creatures on the reef due to its potential tendency to inflict fatal stings to human. Before swimming, I was provided with the special “stinger enclosure” to ensure my safety.

There are also different activities on Great Barrier Reef in Australia. One of them is the skydiving. Well, it is really breathtaking especially when I tried a solo jump to view the beautiful rainforest. Since I am an adventurous type of person, I also tried scuba diving even I am not good on it. But through the aid of some diving experts, I got the chance to experience diving to see the magnificent coral reefs and abundant marine life. Other adventures include the A.J. Hackett Bungy Jumping, Rafting Adventures, Coral Sea Kayaking and Blazing Saddles Horse Riding and All Terrain Vehicles.

These are only some of the many reasons why Great Barrier Reef is one of the best beaches in the world. It is the best tourist destination for me as it gives me peace and relaxation.

Thanks for reading my top ten beaches in the world blog and whether you are looking for planning your holiday of a lifetime or just looking for a short break you have found the place to be.

To your beach heaven

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